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Dog Leads​

The ROK Strap dog leash offers great comfort and control for your pet.

  • PRACTICAL: they have just enough stretch to avoid jolts, padded hold-loops for comfort and come in a modern, stylish design and colour range.

  • TRAINING: Unlike recoil leads, ROKS's progressive tension signals your pet to stop - without the jolt. With a solid rubber core and nylon outer braid they are extremely chew resistant.

  • SAFETY: Unlike recoil-leads, ROK's progressive tension keeps you in control - instantly. ROK Straps have a built-in traffic leader and car restraint. Less jolts on you, and your pets collar and neck with minimal recoil if released.
    NEW for 2019! All colours now include Safety Reflective Stitching - Enhances night-walking safety.

Suggested sizes: SMALL (54") for up to 15kg : MEDIUM (54") up to 30kg
LARGE (54") over 30kg : X-Large (36") for over 30kg or tall dogs

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