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Commuter Straps (Light Duty) - 12mm (1/2) width

  • Why hook-less? Normal hooks can cause eye injury, cause scratching of anchor points and are not secure!

  • Ultra-safe hookless “loop-through” design: Loop - Buckle - Tighten

 As easy as:-    attach > buckle > tighten!


  • Two-piece strap consisting of a webbing element with loop attachments and an elastic element joined by quick-release buckle

  • The elastic section provides tension - the webbing section adjusts for size, ensuring you have exactly the right length with exactly the right tension

  • 16mm (3/4") wide Medium Duty core

  • Each TWIN PACK in this range will secure a load of up to 18kg ( 40 lbs) in all weather conditions.

  • Each strap adjusts from 300mm to 720mm /12"to 28" 

 Available in Hi-Vis Lime or Orange colours

ROK Commuter OrangeGreen.jpg

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