ROK  All Purpose straps offer a better alternative to Bungee cords they are easier and less cumbersome to use than a ratchet tie-down.

  • The low recoil of ROK STRAPS makes them safer to use than a conventional Bungee cord.
  • ROK STRAPS feature a flat Natural Rubber core which is covered with a UV stable tight nylon outer brading which keeps your straps looking fresh for longer. 
  • Every ROK strap in this range features an ultra strong double shank steel hook which won't bend in normal use . Each hook is coated to prevent rusting and avoid scratches.
  • There are 4 fixed length sizes to choose from as well as unique ROK designed two-piece Adjustable length straps .

You can be sure to find a ROK STRAP that always provides the right length and tension to secure your load . 

These all weather,  strong and durable products are ideal for Agricultural use as well as Construction use, Home, DIY, Camping and of course Boating uses.  

ROK STRAP Adjustable All Purpose



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